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Proud Melksham Helps Support LGBT+ People In The Community



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Helping Provide Support & Raise Awareness
Of Melksham's LGBT+ Community.

Proud Melksham is an LGBT+ Hub for the town of Melksham, Wiltshire. Providing advice, support & resources to those struggling and in need, While raising awareness of issues facing the larger LGBT+ community.

Helping support those in need

Never Forget, You Are NOT Alone.....

How Many People Are LGBT+?

  • In the UK more than 1 million people identify as LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Plus covers a variety of other sexual and gender identities including Pansexual, Non Binary, and many more)
  • You do not need to label yourself, You have already come so far, continue to grow and evolve and learn who you are, and who you love. You are more than your sexuality, it does not define you.

Do I Have To Come Out?

  • Coming Out, Or telling other people about how you identify is a personal choice. Learning more about the community, and having people around you to support you can help you to accept who you are, and that may make it easier to come out when the time is right for you.
  • No-one can ever make you come out. It is a criminal offence to harass someone because of their sexuality. If you are feeling pressurized or bullied into coming out by a colleague at work, or someone at school, please speak to someone you can trust, or contact us confidentially for advice. 

How Can Proud Melksham Help Me?

  • We are here to support you in your journey in as many ways as possible. Our website is filled with advice and resources, on coming out, sexual and mental health. We are active on social media @ProudMelksham where we promote events, and wider issues and awareness for the LGBT+ community. We also hold regular meet ups and events, allowing the community and our allies to make friends and socialise.
  • You dont need to identify as LGBT+ to attend any of our events, we welcome all who support our cause.


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Thank you to Unison Wiltshire Police & Justice for sponsoring our work in the community in 2022.

If you would like to sponsor Proud Melksham by purchasing items we can use to aid our work in the community, please contact us.